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Contact us now and schedule a meeting.  Call us 9654234196. MALHOTRA LAW PARTNERS- is a full service law firm providing corporate legal services to its Corporate Clients in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. We have various international Clients and we have conducted mergers between Indian and Foreign corporate entities on behalf of our Indian Clients. Handled their Arbitrations as well. Our Corporate Lawyers provide full and comprehensive corporate Legal Services. 

Our team at Malhotra Law Partners consists of the best corporate lawyers in Gurgaon. Most corporates having been facing various labour-related legal issues lately. Be it breach of employment contracts, termination of services, want of notice period requirements, breach of confidentiality etc. Our team of corporate lawyers is experienced in handling the above issues. We provide all corporate legal services such as drafting of agreements, reviewing of contracts, legal notices, responding to legal notices, handling litigations on behalf of corporate end-to-end etc the list goes on. Furthermore, we even extensively handle arbitrations, mediations on the part of our Corporate Clients. We work on both monthly retainership basis as well as case to case basis.

Our list of corporate clients include giants like: KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd, RGM Business Plus, Arrow Financial Ltd, KL Associates, KLB Bearings etc, the list goes on. We have represented many international clients in mediations, mergers and arbitrations. We have conducted successful mergers between our Indian Clients and their now Foreign counterparts. Therefore, at Malhotra Law Partners,  with our team of corporate lawyers in Gurgaon shall ensure that we provide you the best legal services.



We have two branch offices in Gurgaon. You may look up our Contact Us section for all details.

Days and Timings: working on all days including Saturday and Sunday available.

  • Monday- Friday : 10:00am-8:30p.m.
  • Saturday- Sunday:11:00am-8:30p.m.

Prior booking of slot for consultation is mandatory.

To sum up, in contrast to, other law firms, Malhotra Law Partners, we direct all our efforts towards ensuring optimum speed of the legal work so that you may meet all your corporate deadlines. Thus, achieving our Client’s goals. To put in brief, our team is well versed and has handled several complex mediations and arbitrations. We handle arbitrations and mediations end-to end in Gurgaon.  Hence, we have got all your legal requirements covered. In conclusion, therefore, you need not worry further about your legal issues and just leave it to us. In conclusion, whatever maybe the nature of your corporate legal query. Thus, we have shall provide you the most effective legal solution.

Finally, we maintain 100% confidentiality with respect to all our Clients. Therefore, the entire process is kept completely confidential. To sum up, all your corporate legal needs shall be covered effectively by Malhotra Law Partners. Accordingly, give us a call and book your consultation today. Prior booking of consultation slot is mandatory.

Contact us now and schedule a meeting.  Call us 9654234196