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Mediation is a process of dispute resolution between parties in conflict with each other. This takes place via the appointment of an independent, neutral third party. The role of this third party is to assist the conflicting parties reach a common ground. Common ground means many things. In case of divorce, it can mean a mutual divorce. In case of child custody it can mean decision on which spouse gets custody. The list goes on.

At Malhotra Law Partners, we help Parties reach this goal by mediation even before litigation begins. This helps save time and money for our Client. That is our victory. If you are looking for the best divorce lawyer in gurgaon, our team of best divorce lawyers in gurgaon is what you are looking for. Our expert lawyers will not only litigate but also do mediation for you if the situation so demands. We have the best cheque bounce lawyers in gurgaon in our team. If you have given out a bad cheque or received one, contact us and we put all our efforts into getting you the relief. In case, you have invested all your savings in purchasing a flat or apartment. And, unfortunately, the builder delays possession or refuse to compensate you. Contact us and our team of  rera lawyer in Gurgaon will help save your investment.



Mediation just like arbitration and conciliation is also a method of alternate dispute settlement. Among the main reasons why mediation is a successful dispute resolution medium is because it allows the parties to be transparent with each other. It allows the conflicting parties to express their rights, interests and views directly with each other. Malhotra Law Partners as your lawyer in gurgaon will help you arrive at a common solution outside the confines of the courtroom. The mediator is required to maintain a record of the mediation process. = To ensure that your rights are absolutely safeguarded during any mediation process you can get in touch with us.

Hence, we handle your litigation and mediation from end-to-end. At the same time, we make this process smooth.


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At Malhotra Law Partners, we maintain 100% confidentiality with respect to all our Clients. Therefore, the entire process is kept completely confidential. In contrast to other law firms, we believe in educating our Clients in regard to their rights before proceeding with the case.

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