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MALHOTRA LAW PARTNERS comprehensively deals in RERA litigation in HRERA Gurugram

For many years we have witnessed the downfall of highly reputed real estate developers. This has cause a long-lasting crippling effect on the lives of the investors. The investors find themselves, through no fault of their own in extremely chaotic situation. Whenever news relating to the inability of developers to complete and carryout construction in the real estate project surfaces. This is so because the majority of the buyers hand over their entire life savings. Their hopes of fulfilling their lifelong dreams of owning their own house come to a fault. Therefore, in case you have suffered from the above, contact us for filing your case. Rather than worrying about your loss,  call us on 9654234196 , 7683067677 . Thus, let our RERA Lawyers save your investment 

As we all are well aware that Investments in the real estate sector are not free of risk. We, at Malhotra Law Partners, are committed to providing you the best legal solutions for all your real estate and property related issues.


Malhotra Law Partners carry out the following services with respect to RERA litigations-

  • Complete preparation of the complaint
  • Carrying out the entire filing procedure
  • Out of court settlements/mediations
  • Physical site visit for real time assessment of project status for our outstation clients
  • Filing of any applications, forms or miscellaneous processes
  • Project registration status
  • Project completion and construction status
  • Providing regular updates of orders case status along with hearing dates
  • Individual date appearances and final arguments

Hence, if you would like to know more about any of our above-mentioned services, you can contact us directly by clicking here or call us directly on 9654234196. We have in-depth experience of handling cases before the real estate authority along with the district, state and national consumer forums. We deal in all kinds of cases at RERA Gurgaon. Also known as HRERA Gurugram. You can read more about the real estate regulatory authority by clicking here. Inspite of your legal issue being complicated, our RERA Lawyers will find the best possible solution. Therefore, contact us today for your RERA case.


Therefore, if you are looking for a lawyer dealing comprehensively in cases at RERA Gurugram, contact us. Let us help you take an informed decision and save your investment.  Rather than worrying, get the relief today. Hence, contact us now.

To conclude, it goes without saying that we direct our efforts to make litigation 100%  smooth for all our Clients. In contrast to other law firms, Malhotra Law Partners first believes in educating its Clients in regard to their rights before proceeding with the case. Hence, we help you make an informed legal decision.

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