Mutual Divorce is one type of divorce in India. The other name of this type is mutual understanding divorce. A mutual understanding means a common action or feeling felt or carried out by two individuals. It is directed towards each other for obtaining a common goal. Divorce by mutual consent also means the same. The simple meaning is that both the husband and wife agree to give divorce to each other. It is a type of divorce for the parties who have already decided to end their marital relationship. Such people want to avoid unnecessary litigation and court cases.

As you are well aware that the process of divorce does not only mean the dissolution of marriage. It also involves the determination of several issues and the rights with the upbringing of children and the division of assets etc. among them. In Mutual understanding/ mutual consent divorce, both the parties have an equal say in the above-mentioned complex issues.  They have the freedom to choose the future course of action. To discuss further on this topic and get the correct legal advice click here.

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A divorce by mutual consent is beneficial for those individuals who are aware about the complicated process of litigations and the high costs involved in the same. When the parties seeking divorce opt for this type of divorce, they have the control over the outcome of the proceedings and it gives them the ability to plan for and agree about all terms and conditions of the divorce. This gives each individual the ability to carefully structure and plan for their respective future lives. Therefore, this is a simpler process.

How do I know mutual divorce is the right option for me?

  1. If parties have already decided to end/dissolve their marriage.
  2. It is for those parties who want control over the outcome of the divorce proceedings.
  3. Individuals who don’t want to incur the costs and complications associated with multiple litigations.
  4. Those individuals who are looking to dissolve/end the marriage immediately.
  5. Most importantly, it is for those individuals who identify the need and role of both parents in the upbringing of their children and want to create the best conducive environment for the child.

It is for those individuals who are wary about child custody litigations and want to avoid the same. Get in touch to discuss the variety of ways in which child visitations are scheduled. Both the fathers and mothers have visitation rights depending on certain facts and circumstances. You can read in detail here about mutual divorce child custody.

It is filed in the form of a petition. To read more about filing a mutual understanding divorce you can contact here.

When the individuals are absolutely certain that there is no other alternative other than ending the marriage itself. And, Judicial Separation should be first considered and then, mutual divorce shall then be considered. You can read in detail about Judicial Separation in India here. Discuss your legal issues in detail with the best divorce lawyer in Gurgaon.

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