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RERA Lawyers in Gurgaon – Malhotra Law Partners hereinbelow explain the functioning of RERA and your rights in this informative article below.

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Hrera Gurgaon- Functioning

The RERA Act of 2016 confers power on the state governments to form real estate regulatory authorities. These RERAs deal with issues related to the real esate sector in regard to purchase/sale of apartments/buildings/plots. Each state government has the power to form its own rera. Example, Gurgaon has its own RERA as Hrera Gurgaon. Haryana as a state has two, Hrera Gurgaon / hrera gurugram and Hrera Panchkula. The list goes on for other states.

The salient feature of this legislation is that it specifically deals with issues concerned with the real estate sector. It is a medium through which the rights and interests of the buyers are protected. The vision behind this legislation was the promotion of the real estate sector of the economy.

If in case you are facing any difficulty with the real estate developer or builder with whom you have entered into an agreement with you can file a complaint before the real estate regulation authority of your respective state. In Gurgaon there is hrera gurgaon. To file your complaint in hrera Gurgaon, rera lawyers in Gurgaon – Malhotra Law Partners can assist you end-to-end.

Process at Hrera Gurugram

The process of lodging a complaint begins online by visiting the site of the real estate regulation authority of the state. You have to fill out the required documents. After this, the complaint is prepared. Malhotra Law Partners informs you of all your rights to ensure that you make an informed decision. We comprehensively explain all your rights in detail so that no client suffers from half or incomplete knowledge of his or her own rights. Once, you have been well- informed of your rights then, Malhotra Law Partners, goes ahead to prepare documentation. We treat it as extremely necessary as we ensure all client understand their rights in detail. As an incomplete understanding of one’s own rights can lead to seeking incomplete reliefs at the forum. In order to avoid such mishappening we provide comprehensive consultation on rights before we begin with the case process at Hrera Gurgaon.

On the basis of your information and facts as well as all the legal documents in your possession, Malhotra Law Partners, shall then prepare all your documentation.  These documents are different for different cases. It also depends on the number of documents you may have in your possession. Now that the complaint is finally prepared we approach Hrera Gurgaon.

No matter how complicated your matter may be, Malhotra Law Partners- rera lawyers in Gurgaon directs all its efforts towards getting you the best relief in your case at Hrera Gurgaon.

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