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RERA Lawyers in Gurgaon explain the need and reason behind the establishment of RERA. MALHOTRA LAW PARTNERS Adeals extensively in RERA Litigation in Gurgaon at HRERA GURGAON. This article explains the need for RERA and when one can file a case before RERA.

The need for the creation of the RERA Gurgaon and RERA in every state arose with the declining rate of real estate transactions. This rate declined due to the negative sentiment associated with the real estate sector. Rampant transgressions committed real estate developers and builders. The real estate being a major contributor to the overall gross domestic product of the economy needed to be revitalized.

The shared sentiment with respect to investor confidence in the real estate sector was at an all time low. In order to regain the trust of the potential investors and first-time homebuyers, a legislative change was needed. This change is aimed at creating transparency and accountability. This is the need of the hour. Rera lawyers in Gurgaon – Malhotra Law Partners can help you file the same.

Scope and extension of the HRERA Gurgaon 

The basic aim of this legislation was to bring about transparency. Transparency in the matters related to selling and purchase of real estate projects. Be it houses, plots of lands, residential apartments and even commercial spaces etc. Along with this dealing with issues in connecting with the same. Rera lawyers in Gurgaon – Malhotra Law Partners deal with all aspects of rera complaint filing and arguments.

The act also aims at the speedy Redressal of disputes and execution of orders of the authority. Since every state has its own RERA. Example, in Gurgaon, there is Hrera Gurgaon. It is also called Hrera gurugram. The best rera lawyer can help you assist end-to-end with your case with no hindrance.

The real estate (regulation and development) act, 2016 also aims to protect the rights and interest of the home buyers. Also, the rights of the investors in the real estate sector. The act also encourages that the home buyers and potential investors are able to avail proper information. Not just about about the real estate developer/ builder  but also to effectively carryout due diligence. This is in regard to purchasing any property. In order to file your complaint before HRERA Gurgaon, you can contact Rera Lawyers in Gurgaon.

With the implementation of the real estate (regulation and development) act, 2016 has also seen the steady growth of foreign investment.  International competition is also beginning to enter the Indian real estate realm. This encourages and promotes healthy competition and viable alternatives.

Best Rera Lawyer -Which complaints can be filed under the real estate (regulation and development) act 2016

Complaints associated with any delay in the completion of the real estate project can be filed. Complaints of delay in handing over possession of any flat or unit can be filed. In case of inordinate delays by the real estate developers/ builders, the buyers can now seek refund of money from them before RERA. Rera lawyers in Gurgaon can assist with the same.  Property buyers can also lodge complaints with the RERA. In cases where there are material defects present in the property. Even after taking possession of the same. Also when any modifications to the existing real estate projects are carried out by the builders without the consent.

Hence applicability of the RERA is not only limited to complaints before taking possession of the unit/property but it also applies to them afterwards. There is Rera Gurgaon in Haryana, also know as Hrera Gurgaon. RERA Lawyers in Gurgaon – Malhotra Law Partners can be approached for filing of case.


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